APP creating opportunities for foreign investment

APP creating opportunities for foreign investment

Posted: Thursday, 17 November, 2016 - 12:05

APP recently hosted a group of Chinese Delegates from the Shandong Province to Brisbane looking to invest in projects, infrastructure and opportunities we have in Queensland and around the Country. The delegates were able to hear from a number of industry experts from APP, Brisbane Marketing and BlueMount Capital on the opportunities available to them.

Paul Spinolo, APP National General Manager of Clients and Markets was positive about the growth in Queensland. “We are seeing a number of large scale projects ready to take off in Queensland and the local government is looking for investment from foreign entities. The opportunity lies in the relationships that can be built between the investors and government to see these projects come to fruition.”

The inland rail from Melbourne to Brisbane will have a huge impact on the movement of freight within Australia and hubs like Toowoomba will then become major centres for international freight forwarding stimulating foreign investment and growth in the region.

The delegates represented a number of industries looking to invest in Australia including heavy industry, textiles, packaging, technology, materials and property investment.