News - Northern QLD

  1. Posted: 22/05/2014

    APP’s team of experts has begun work for the Cairns Regional Council on the assessment of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the proposed Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort.

    The proposal lodged with the Commonwealth Department of Environment consists of 7,500 hotel rooms in 8 towers, 2 casinos, a 23,000m2 convention centre, two 5,000m2 theatres, 10,000m2 of retailing, and other resort facilities on a 40ha man made island sitting in a 30ha artificial lake in a 340ha site currently under cane farming.

    Our team covers town planning, water and waste water, soil and ground water, economics, transport planning, visual and landscape issues, social impacts, terrestrial and ecological ecology, infrastructure, and flooding, coastal processes and sea level rise.

    We recently inspected the Aquis Resort site, and were briefed by the proponent on the nature and details of the site and the proposal at the time.

    Next steps in the process will be the lodgement of the formal EIS with the Queensland Coordinator General, followed by the six week formal public consultation period.

  2. Posted: 08/05/2014

    Stage 1 of Cairns Hospital $456M Redevelopment reached Practical Completion on 17 April. The largest component of the redevelopment, Block D which houses more than half of the hospital's 531 inpatient beds is busy settling Inpatient and Outpatient services from the existing hospital. The relocation involves clinical services from Blocks A and B, with APP preparing the relocation strategy in cooperation with the Cairns Hospital Redevelopment Team to ensure the process occurs as seamlessly as possible. The new facility is expected to be operational by 13 May, with other phases on schedule for the opening in June. Stage 2 of the development will be complete in late 2015.

    APP has been providing project management and programming services on the redevelopment project since 2008. To read more view the case study here.

  3. Posted: 10/12/2013

    With the announcement of the proposed $4+Billion Aquis Resort planned for Yorkey’s Knob comes the challenge for Cairns Regional Council to assess its impact on the City.  A multi-disciplinary team led by APP Corporation has been engaged by the Council to assist with the assessment of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and the ensuing Development Application (DA) for the resort, which promises to be an internationally significant investment for the regional economy.

    Whilst many in the Cairns business community see the project as a huge shot in the arm for an economy that has been hit by extreme financial and climatic events, the Cairns Regional Council is obliged to fulfil its role as the Development Assessment authority.    Key considerations will include the need to ensure that the construction and operation of the resort does not have detrimental impacts on the sensitive environment that will be its drawcard, and also on the financial resources of the Council in terms of impacts on physical and social infrastructure and services for  local residents.

    Cairns Council recognised the need to engage a team with demonstrable Planning and Environment Court experience in carrying out the EIS assessment, with particular emphasis given to consultants with a track record of working in Far North Queensland.   As principal consultant, APP has secured the services of preeminent experts in a range of fields that meet Council’s requirements – ranging from town planning and social impacts, to economics, traffic and infrastructure, ecology, water quality and flooding, and visual amenity.

    The APP team has begun working with the Council, providing timely advice for liaising with both the State Government and the developer of Aquis Resort.

  4. Posted: 23/11/2011

    With 24 hours remaining until the largest storm to ever cross the Australian coast made landfall and with it tracking directly for Cairns, Queensland Health made the decision to evacuate the existing Cairns Base Hospital. Those patients that could be discharged were and all bar emergency medical cases were suspended. This left 205 patients including 10 Intensive Care cases requiring airlifting out of Cairns.

    APP’s volunteer team were first on the site at the main Staging Area - the International Terminal at Cairns Airport. The Arrivals Hall was turned into a makeshift ward and the entire evacuation process involved cooperation from State and Federal Police, the Queensland Ambulance Service, the State Emergency Service, the Royal Australian Air Force as well as local staff from both the Hospital and the Airport. The largest medical evacuation in Australia’s history was complete by 6am - in just 14 hours’ time TC Yasi would be creating her own part of Australia’s history.

  5. Posted: 23/11/2011

    On 27 June 2011 clinical services commenced at the new Liz Plummer Cancer Care Centre in Cairns. APP was instrumental in all facets of the delivery of this new service from master planning, design, tender, construction, operational commissioning and decanting.  Our impact on this project is best highlighted by delivering the service a full two years ahead of schedule, thereby providing the people of Cairns and the region access to a new Radiation Oncology service and an expanded Ambulatory Oncology service well ahead of the original programmed dates.

    As part of the new $65M Block E development, the new Radiation Oncology service includes the installation of two Linear Accelerators on the Ground Floor. The design and construction of these bunkers was fundamental to the delivery of the service and required detailed and thorough control throughout all phases of the project. Each machine is worth $2.5M and has only millimetres of tolerance but still needs to be housed in bunkers with more than two metre thick concrete walls.

  6. Posted: 23/11/2011

    APP has been engaged to deliver the new GP Super Clinic in Townsville. The $8m project will see the refurbishment of a former car dealership in Townsville into a multi-disciplinary medical centre. The GP Super Clinics program is part of a federal government initiative to provide better and easier access to health services in regional areas.  The project is expected to be completed in March 2012.

  7. Posted: 27/10/2011

    Twenty-four hours before the largest storm to ever cross the Australian coast made landfall, Queensland Health made the decision to evacuate the existing Cairns Base Hospital. All patients who could be discharged were and all patients except for emergency medical cases were suspended. In all, 205 patients including 10 intensive care cases needed to be airlifted out of Cairns.

    APP were first on the site at the main Staging Area. We took over the International Terminal at the Cairns airport and with a team of local contractors turned the Arrivals Hall into a makeshift ward. The evacuation process involved cooperation with State and Federal Police, the Queensland Ambulance Service, the State Emergency Service, the Royal Australian Air Force as well as local staff from both the hospital and the airport.

    By 6am the largest medical evacuation in Australia’s history was complete. APP’s time and services involved in the evacuation were provided on a voluntary basis.