Barangaroo Remediation

Project details: 

APP has been working on the extensive Barangaroo redevelopment on Sydney's CBD western fringe since 2011, as the Remediation Advisor and Project Manager to the Barangaroo Delivery Authority (BDA). The BDA has committed to remediating the legacy of the Millers Point Gasworks, as part of a significant transformation across 22ha incorporating a financial hub, commercial and residential high rise towers, the Crown integrated resort and more than 10ha of open recreation space and parkland. 

Historically, the Millers Point Gasworks provided Sydney with the first gas light network outside of Europe. The Gasworks operated from 1841 to 1921, when it was demolished to make way for Hickson Road. As part of the decommissioning process, all above ground structures were removed. However below the ground were a series of tanks, cut into the sandstone, containing coal tar which have remained in place for the past 100 years. In 2009 the NSW EPA declared that the gasworks was to be remediated.

The remediation works involve an in-situ chemical oxidation trial targeting the structures beneath Hickson Road, as well as the excavation of more than 150,000 tonnes of gasworks contamination as part of a 400,000 cube basement excavation. All works are being undertaken within odour control structures under an EPA Management Order.

APP Project Director Karie Bradfield is leading the BDA's remediation team, with Laura O'Hea, Annabelle Tungol and Natasha Beljic providing site surveillance, environmental auditing and environmental management services.  APP also provided remediation contract advisory services to the BDA during the 3 commercial tower basement excavation adjacent to the gasworks and remediation advisory during the construction of the headland park.

Barangaroo Remediation 2016 - Footage Courtesy ABC Library Sales

Project summary: 

  • Client:  Barangaroo Delivery Authority
  • Value:  n/a
  • Services:  Environmental, Remediation, Contract Claims & Disputes
  • Sectors:  Industrial, Commercial
  • Location:  Sydney, NSW