Best Land Use Studies

  • Best Land Use Studies

    Best Land Use Studies

Project details: 

APP Planning Team undertakes “Best Land Use” Studies

The APP Planning team have undertaken a number of Land Use Studies for local and State Governments as well as private landowners, where the aim has been to identify the highest and best land use of a site.

The studies involve preparation of a Planning Assessment which helps identify the development opportunities for the land under its current zoning, as well as opportunities for rezoning. This provides an evaluation of increased land use, or different land uses.

The suitability of the site for each land use zone is considered in terms of permitted uses and associated development controls, as well as site attributes and environmental factors, development potential, general planning assessment and planning approval pathways.

Working closely with the APP’s property specialists, a range of possible development options are considered, along with a detailed market assessment and feasibility for each. APP has the practical experience and expertise to guide clients through the development assessment process, including preparation of documentation, and the negotiations with local and state government.


Project summary: 

  • Client: Local government and private landowners
  • Value: n/a
  • Services: Planning
  • Sectors: Land Use Study
  • Location: various