New land use and infrastructure strategy proposed for the Bayside West Precincts

29 November 2016

The Department of Planning and Environment has released a Draft Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy for the Bayside West Precincts encompassing the Arncliffe, Banksia and Cooks Cove Precincts.

The draft strategy focusses on revitalising the existing town centres, creating better transport connections, creating new and improving existing areas of open space, and allowing commercial and residential land uses through the Princes Highway Corridor.

A Rezoning Report has also been released for the Arncliffe and Banksia Precincts which identifies draft planning controls for these areas. The developer of land at Cooks Cove may now prepare a proposal to introduce planning controls in the Cooks Cove Precinct which are consistent with the recommendations of the strategy.

In summary, the plans propose the following:

  • Planning controls for the Arncliffe and Banksia Precincts which will accommodate:
    • Up to 5,100 new dwellings by 2036
    • Opportunities to generate more that 4,400 new jobs
    • Areas for residential flat buildings and mixed use developments ranging from 6-8 storeys up to 22 storeys in height
  • The Cooks Cove Precinct presents an opportunity to provide between 2,000 and 5,000 dwellings (subject to further investigation);
  • A Special Infrastructure Contribution (SIC) will assist funding regional infrastructure upgrades (a Draft SIC will be exhibited at a later stage);
  • The SIC will include a target of up to 10% affordable housing subject to further feasibility analysis; and
  • The NSW Government is providing $10m to fund new community projects.

The plans are now out for consultation and will be on public exhibition until 28 February 2017. Further information is available here.

If you’re seeking advice about the proposed changes and how these might affect you, please get in touch with Kye Sanderson.

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