Boral property assets

Project details: 

Boral is one of the most recognised names in Australia’s building and construction landscape, through their supply of Cement, Construction Materials and Building Material products. Over the course of 50 years the organisation has amassed over 500 properties across Australia for their various operations, with the sites being managed by Boral’s Property Group.

For over a decade APP has been providing Boral with a range of property and planning services across Australia. Our focus is to improve the value of Boral property assets and to provide delivery advice for their property end use, particularly in relation to quarry sites that are nearing the end of their life. Delivery advice can include due diligence on their property portfolio, highest and best land use, development feasibilities and project management. 

APP also provides strategic, statutory and environmental planning advice, navigating through the planning systems to achieve rezoning or development approval. 

Other engagements include acting as Client Representative in negotiations with local and State government in order to streamline the planning processes and negotiate approvals for new Boral operations or expansion of existing operations.  In these engagements, APP also manages all technical issues relating to the development projects.  This may include overcoming government agency blockages on technical issues such as ecology, road infrastructure or costs.

Boral values APP’s integrated team of urban development experts across property, planning, engineering and environment. Boral’s Judy McKittrick is Regional Manager for the Boral Property Group and recognises that we can add value to Boral through our commercial acumen, a national capability and well-established relationships with Government at all levels.  She talks more about the work we do for their organisation in the video below.

APP Testimonial by Boral Property Group

Project summary: 

  • Client: Boral Property Group
  • Value:  Various
  • Services:  Planning, Advisory, Approvals, Project Management
  • Sectors:  Industrial
  • Location:  NSW, VIC, WA