Brisbane Airport Link

  • Brisbane Airport Link

    Brisbane Airport Link

Project details: 

APP appointed to Australia’s Largest Road Infrastructure Project

APP played a key role in Australia’s largest road infrastructure project - Brisbane’s Airport Link. As the Independent Verifier and Financiers’ Engineer, APP in association with Hyder Consulting was required to review and certify the design, construction and initial Operations and Maintenance period for this $4.8B project. 

The Airport Link is a privately-financed, mainly underground, fully electronic-tolled road between Brisbane’s inner northern suburbs, the airport and the inner city – it’s a project which is complex due to it’s technical, environmental and commercial issues. 

The project includes the Northern Busway, a State-funded project that involves a partly underground, two-lane, two-way road for buses only, to connect the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital to Kedron. The Airport Roundabout Upgrade, another State-funded project, includes a new four lane flyover, a high capacity interchange, a new four-lane over pass, and widening of the East-West Arterial to three lanes each way.  As Independent Verifier APP was required to certify that the design and construction was carried out in accordance with State Government and deed requirements.

APP also provided independent advice on this PPP project to the Financiers on design and construction activities. 

In our role as Financiers’ Engineer APP certified monthly payments (valuing on average $100m per month) to the Design and Construct contractor and reported on the program to identify possible delays. Additionally, APP reviewed and verified environmental management across the projects. 


“Direct observation and interview with personnel involved with the processes showed that they were very experienced and professional in their work and committed to providing an effective service. It’s apparent that the IV has deployed some very experienced and capable personnel onto the project. They have managed to retain and motivate them such that they have been able to apply their skills and knowledge. A level of additional confidence in compliance with the project deeds can be gained from their activities”.

Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited (LRQA)

Project summary: 

  • Client:   City North Infrastructure (CNI) acting for the State of Queensland, BrisConnections Pty Ltd as the PPP Company and State Works Contractor
  • Value:  $4.8 billion
  • Services:  Independent Verifier and Financiers’ Engineer
  • Sectors:  Transport
  • Location:  Brisbane, QLD