Property and Infrastructure Specialists

Finding Balance

I joined APP in 2012 as part of the Graduate Program, and have since experienced first-hand the company’s commitment to providing women with support and recognition. After becoming a first-time mother last year, APP offered me the support and flexibility to balance time with my family with my professional commitments.
Rose Ung

The human aspect of APP’s social and sustainability policies, and the implementation of these, has given me a positive experience of the construction and consulting space.

After welcoming a new baby into our family, the rhythm and focus of my life changed dramatically as did my availability for traditional work hours. Despite being extremely career driven, the desire for career development quickly subsided compared to the needs of a dependent baby. It was a personal decision, but I was unwilling to rely on external childcare providers and needed a solution that would work for both my family and my career. It was also really important to me that when I did return to work, that I would be able to give 100% to my projects and my clients without feeling guilty or...

With the support of APP, following my maternity leave I was able to move into flexible work arrangements and find a balance between home and work life. I was grateful that I didn’t have to make the difficult decision between family and career that so many new mothers are often forced to make. This arrangement has allowed me to meet my desire to provide for my family, as well as continue my professional development.

I’m grateful that APP recognised and empathised with my situation, working with me to ensure that my happiness and wellbeing were a priority, and that I could continue delivering projects and serving my clients to the best of my abilities. I’m happy to say that my career progression has not been hindered by my requirement for flexibility and, in turn, my trust and loyalty APP has strengthened from this experience. I think these are poignant markers of change, and I hope they are echoed throughout our industry.

- Rose Ung, Senior Project Manager