Chatswood Transport Interchange

  • Chatswood Transport Interchange

    Chatswood Transport Interchange

Project details: 

APP manages critical areas of the $361M Chatswood Transport Interchange

Chatswood Station is among the top 10 busiest on the Sydney RailCorp network, with 35,000 people using it daily. APP was appointed as Contract Manager for the Chatswood Transport Interchange, one of the largest public-private partnerships in New South Wales.

The development was extensive, including a new railway station big enough to efficiently manage the high volume of projected traffic. It included new concourse areas, bus interchange and taxi facilities, and a multistorey underground carpark, five levels of multi-purpose retail space (over 10,000m2)  and provided for future development of three residential towers above the station.

APP managed the compliance of all contractual obligations for State Rail, and resolved any non-compliant technical and contractual matters. APP was also required to provide an independent assessment of project performance for the Project Developer and the Infrastructure Works contractor.

The project required a complex programme to coordinate the various transport stakeholders, and minimise disruption to operating schedules. APP assisted in managing station operations during track possessions and handover, and managed defects resolution with the Epping-Chatswood line. We also managed the integration of track and associated services into the adjoining Epping Chatswood and integration into the CityRail network.

Additionally, APP facilitated the interactions with adjacent property owners (including Council and the Roads and Traffic Authority) for matters related to property, roads, public access-ways and encroachments.

Project summary: 

  • Client: Transport Construction Authority
  • Value: $361m
  • Services: Project Management
  • Sectors: Transport
  • Location: Chatswood, NSW