Clayton Landfill Sites

Project details: 

Cleanaway Solid Waste Pty Ltd (Cleanaway) is a recycling, waste management and industrial services company operating across Australia, with over 200 sites and depots nationally.  The company has been operating a number of landfill sites within the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne for many years.  These sites were acquired from former commercial and/or local government operators and each site has a range of historic issues requiring the need to obtain approval of amending contour plans and/or extensions of time for existing planning permits.

Landfill sites are not the most desirable land use due to the amenity issues associated with their operation including odours, dust and birds etc.  Unfortunately even when a landfill site is coming to the end of its operational life there is still a level of concern and uncertainty within the community. 

APP’s Planning team in Victoria (formerly TPG VIC) were engaged in 2013 to assist Cleanaway on a number of landfill sites, each at a different stage in their operational life.  The challenges faced by Cleanaway involved responding to changes to the regulatory controls of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and at the same time addressing the concerns of the City of Kingston and their residents.  A number of other Government Agencies and Departments also needed to be consulted and agreements reached to facilitate approval of the amended final contour plans, cap design and site drainage.  

APP’s network of government contacts and established relationships played an important role in achieving the right outcome for all stakeholders and our client to enable the final phase of site rehabilitation to commence on some sites whilst we continue to work with Cleanaway on the remaining sites.

Project summary: 

  • Client:  Cleanaway (formerly Transpacific Industries)
  • Value:  n/a
  • Services:  Planning approval
  • Sectors:  Industrial
  • Location:  Clayton, Melbourne VIC