Demand Management Study Sydney

  • Demand Management Study Sydney

    Demand Management Study Sydney

Project details: 

APP manages Large-scale Pilot to reduce Electricity Demand

The NSW Government established the Demand Management and Planning Project, to identify ways of reducing consumer demand for electricity at peak periods in the inner Sydney region. It was a joint initiative of the NSW Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability (DEUS), TransGrid and EnergyAustralia.

APP was appointed Program Manager, reporting to the Department. Over a two-year period, APP coordinated energy efficiency and peak demand investigations at over 900 facilities in the Sydney Metropolitan area, including hospitals, industrial premises, high-rise residential, hospitality and educational facilities and commercial buildings.

In addition, APP coordinated residential demand management programs with Randwick City and Manly Councils, and managed pilot and demonstration projects at over 50 sites to test the effectiveness of demand management techniques.

APP’s role included preparing a project plan and scoping document to govern the 18-month investigation period; program management, including coordination of more than 900 audits; and a review of technical reports and selection of the most viable demand management opportunities.

APP managed the development of a database and decision-tool to manage the technical data collected from each premises, and provided strategic advice on the pilot and demonstration projects based on audit findings.

The Project showed it was possible to reduce peak network demand, and that various demand management technologies and practices are commercially available, technically feasible and acceptable to power users.

Project summary: 

  • Client: NSW Department of Planning
  • Value: $10m
  • Services: Program Managerment
  • Sectors: Resources & Energy
  • Location: Sydney, NSW