Energex Transmission Line

  • Energex Transmission Line

    Energex Transmission Line

Project details: 

APP environmental specialists assist Transfield Services to erect transmission lines through sensitive coastal environments

Transfield was appointed by Energex to duplicate a 110 kilovolt (kV) transmission line, from South Pine to Hays Inlet in Brisbane’s north-eastern suburbs. However, the work traversed estuaries and floodplains, containing a number of highly-sensitive environments.

The challenge for Transfield was to gain access to the tower locations, build the tower foundations, erect the towers, and string the conductors, with the least environmental impact.

The environmental challenges included minimising disturbance to marine plant communities and temporary preservation of removed vegetation during the construction phase. Construction would also occur within sensitive riparian zones and wetland areas. Remnant woodland was to be maintained (including koala and bird habitats) and work within acid sulphate soils had to be managed carefully.

APP’s environmental management specialists worked closely with Transfield’s project management team and construction crew, to prepare environmental management plans, provide construction advice, and resolve environmental issues on the ground.

A particular success for APP was managing the removal, relocation and reinstatement of marine plants at a scale not previously attempted. This included the replication of the natural tidal behaviour at a temporary foster site, so that the plants experienced ‘natural’ inundation. The foster sites were maintained over a period of several months, with only minor plant losses. The vegetation was successfully replanted, achieving a significantly superior environmental management outcome.

Project summary: 

  • Client: Transfield Services/Energex
  • Value: $30m
  • Services: Construction environmental management
  • Sectors: Resources & Energy, Environment & Sustainability
  • Location: North Brisbane, QLD