From Cadet to Leadership team

  1. Brett Hocking

Brett Hocking

Tell us about yourself

I studied part-time to do a Bachelor of Building (Construction Economics) at the University of Technology Sydney while I was working initially at the NSW Department of Commerce and later with APP.  Post-graduate studies include a Master of Business Administration from Newcastle Graduate School of Business. Currently I’m studying part-time through distance learning for a Master of Property from Newcastle University. 

How did you come to join APP? 

I was working as a cadet quantity surveyor at the Department of Commerce in 1997 and a recruiter introduced me to APP.  As project management was my intended career path, I was instantly interested in the opportunity presented by joining a small but rapidly growing company.

Tell us about your career path with APP

I joined APP as an Assistant Project Manager in the Sydney office and worked on numerous projects as APM and PM until 2002, when I was offered an opportunity to act as Project Manager on the Newcastle Private Hospital.  I spent 12 months commuting to Newcastle and living in the company apartment.  

In 2003 I accepted the opportunity to take over role of Northern NSW Regional Manager and relocated to Newcastle with my then very young family (my son Henry was 5 months old).  Between 2003 and 2007, under my management, the Newcastle office grew from three to 10 people, creating a sustainable business.

With then Transfield Services' (Broadspectrum) acquisition of APP came the opportunity to relocate to the USA in 2007 to establish APP as part of the new Transfield Services Americas (TSA) business.  I worked with APP and Transfield from 2007 through to 2011 on start-up business, acquisitions and projects in Philadelphia PA, Los Angeles CA, Monticello NY, Calgary AB and San Francisco, CA.

In 2011, I returned to Australia with my family to accept the role of Sydney Manager.

How has APP helped grow your career? 

APP has continued to support me in my career through presenting a diverse array of challenges and opportunities across projects, business development and management.

Describe the culture/environment at APP

APP has a collective and committed team of people who are hard-working and professional, yet still maintain the vibe of a small, friendly and approachable company.