Expanding skills

Rose Ung

Tell us about yourself

I have a Bachelors of Architecture and a Masters of Planning at the University of New South Wales.

How did you come to join APP?

I first found out about APP through the Careers Fair and the Graduate Program intake.  My background is in architecture and planning so I wasn’t really looking at a Project Management positon. After speaking  to the Project Directors and other graduates at the Fair, and hearing about the diverse and interesting projects that they were working on, I became very interested in Project Management.  I put in an application for the Graduate program, went through the process and joined the program in 2012.

How has APP helped to grow your career?

APP has helped my career through providing exposure and opportunities to work on great projects at varying stages from conducting feasibility studies, master planning, and design and construction management to operational readiness and occupancy.  Through the Graduate Program I've been able to rotate through the various divisions within APP across projects, planning and infrastructure.  Now i'm working out at Parramatta Park in Sydney on a variety of projects as part of the upgrade to the Park, and these include heritage and archaelogical projects, which is expanding my knowledge and skills.

Describe and culture/environment at APP?

APP is a fun and motivating environment to work in. The collective wealth of experience of its employees and everyone’s willingness to educate and share experiences/tips on specific issues is an absolute benefit to our running of projects.


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