Rebecca Cobb-Clark

Tell us about yourself – what are you qualifications and where did you study?

I have a Bachelor of Architectural Studies from the University of NSW

Tell us about your career with APP, how long have you worked for APP, what roles have you held, have you been based in different offices?

I began my career at APP as a graduate in the graduate rotation program for 2013.  This means that I spent a few months within some of APP's internal divisions specialising in Project Management, Urban Development, Property and Infrastructure. Throughout my rotation I was involved in a number of successful projects including the Sydney Cricket Ground redevelopment of the Noble, Bradman and Messenger grandstands, Sydney Business Park, Westpac and Penrith Lakes Masterplan. The graduate rotation gave me the valuable opportunity to gain knowledge in areas that I would not normally be exposed to in my career. This has provided me with a better understanding of the industry and the APP business.  It's also allowed me to start building a wide network across all these areas.

After completing the graduate rotation I moved into an Assistant Project Manager role and continued working on a number of Westpac retail upgrade projects as well as assisting in managing the design of the New Maitland Hospital. I was promoted to Project Manager in 2014 and have since successfully managed the delivery of over 10 Westpac branches in WA and NT.  I am now using what I have learnt on the Westpac projects to manage a larger retail project.

How has APP helped to grow your career?

APP has provided me with the knowledge and support to kick-start my career. Through the graduate program I was provided significant exposure to a number of areas of the industry providing a strong knowledge base to build my career.

Describe the culture/environment at APP

APP places a lot of importance in recognising individual and company achievements. The people are all very hard working, while creating a very fun and supportive work environment.