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  1. Allison Smith

Allison Smith

What are your qualifications?  

I have a Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Planning from Charles Sturt University

How did you come to join APP?

I was invited for coffee by a senior member of APP. This ended up being a discussion about me joining APP to work on a project I had been coveting for some time.  Back then, I was a planner and development consultant who made the decision to join a project management consultancy firm that worked predominantly in the building and construction industry.

I had had little exposure, if any, to building and construction, or indeed to project management.  So what I had to offer was different, and that was embraced by APP.  I had skills and experience in land development, planning and environment.  Together with APP, we were able to capitalise on these skills and build a business moving into different sectors and service streams and eventually into different geographic regions.

I joined for a project. I stayed because APP offered me greater career opportunities and an enjoyable workplace.

How has APP helped to grow your career?

APP has extensively broadened my knowledge about how a business operates.  It has taught me to think like a client and to understand the commercial nature of decision-making.  APP has also taught me how to nurture people through a leadership style that is trusting and non-authoritarian and that encourages entrepreneurialism and autonomy.  

Describe the culture/environment at APP?

APP has a hard working, highly motivated culture that, importantly, knows how to celebrate our achievements.  Autonomous and entrepreneurial traits are ingrained here.  I believe this is why our staff retention is so high.