Aerospace & Aviation

Aviation involves a complex and interrelated set of facilities, functions and services. At APP, we know that these need to come together smoothly to support the overall operation of your business. We can help you with every aspect of airport development and design, from landside development to, infrastructure and terminal works, baggage systems, customs facilities, carparks, aerobridges, fuelling systems, airside pavements and taxiways.

Successful delivery of all these components requires extensive stakeholder management, review and approval across multiple user groups. On top of this, there are complex planning and authority restrictions, unique to the aviation sector, which need to be taken into account. We’ve got the expertise to help you negotiate all these aspects, as well as the finer details of development approvals and commercial issues between landlords and multiple lessees that can arise along the way. We can even manage the acquisition or disposal of land where relevant.

APP also understands the constraints of working in a live airport environment. We know that it’s a priority for you to maintain security and operational continuity at all times, and we have the rigorous risk management experience to help you do this.

Associated projects: 

Associated Services: 

  • Program Management
  • Landside Development
  • Project Management
  • Master Planning
  • Technical Services
  • Airside Operations
  • Business Case Development