Clients who own and operate hospitality and entertainment facilities know the importance of their physical environment – and that operational standards must be maintained to minimise any impact to revenue - the built form must help create a unique place that supports sustainable revenue generation. APP has abundant experience in hotel design, construction and refurbishment. We understand the links between great facilities and high operational capacity and we’ve got a track record in delivering projects under such challenging conditions.

Major hospitality projects often take place in live environments. Minimal disruption to existing trade and surroundings is critical when refurbishment and renovation is underway. APP has been involved with some of the biggest refurbishments in the country – and done so under sensitive conditions. We’ve tackled live sites as big as Sydney’s Star expansion. We’ve worked on retail environments in busy CBDs as well as hotels, airports, and airport infrastructure facilities.

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  • Client Brief Establishment
  • Liaison between international/local design teams
  • FFE Management
  • Design Management
  • Project Management
  • Contract Administration